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Voice Over

In the acoustic optimized rooms of the recording studio, all productions are performed and coordinated with the use of professional microphones and various types of analoque outboard equipment. In this context, a comprehensive consultation and analysis before and after the recordings is included.

Audio production

Using a hybrid production setup, client requests for either an analog or digital environment are fulfilled. The mixing and mastering process are THE tasks for achieving final audio results. Your recordings will have an intensive and punchy sound of brilliant sound quality suitable for radio, TV and internet media content.

Sound Design

I am applying all available options to create audio layouts for podcasts, to develop audio logos, or to record voice actors for promotional and enterprise purposes. Starting with the idea up to the supervision and realization of the project, I am your reliable and dedicated business partner.

About me

Martin Bade, 34, family father, passionated audio engineer and sound designer

The recording studio is located in the industrial area “Industriepark Guestrow” around 50 kilometers to the south of the city Rostock. In the North of Germany singers, songwriters and voice over artists are being recorded and produced, and companies are featured with content and good sound. For over 15 years Martin Bade is passionate in music and loves to play different instruments, to sing and to create music in an innovative and unique way. Over the past six years, aside from his wife and his children, Martin is highly focused on producing singer/songwriters and has constantly improved his skills in the field of music production.

“I am a family father, qualified software developer, auto-didactic instrumentalist and vocalist. I am working full-time as a multimedia technician in B2B business and I am proving my skills as an audio engineer, producer and sound designer for over 6 years now.” 

Due to his passion for music, the recording studio has been established. This is where the music lover spends his time to work with an intensive feeling for audiophile topics and is personally & honestly at your hand with tips & tricks.  Feel free to contact Martin directly and in person.



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